Dr. Yakup Avsar has designed a full system for video endoscopic plastic surgery and video endoscopic micro rhinoplasty. The system is called ‘’AVSARM.’’ Dr. Avşar uses powered ultra micro tools during the operation. The endoscopic Micro rhinoplasty that is used by Dr. Avşar ensures that each stage of the surgery is performed through seeing and monitoring at the same time.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons are always looking for ways to improve recovery time without impacting results. By using a video endoscope during a closed rhinoplasty procedure, patients can have reduced recovery time that is typically associated with the less invasive technique. Moreover, Dr. Avsar has the visualization that is usually only available during surgeries that entirely expose the nasal framework. Some of Aesthetic and ENT surgeons maintain that while this may increase visualization, it still does not equal the full exposure offered by an open rhinoplasty. Nevertheless, if video endoscopy technologies are used correctly, then open rhinoplasty is not necessary.

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Endoscopic micro rhinoplasty technique applied by Dr. Avşar in rhinoplasty ensures that each stage is performed by seeing and monitoring. The secret is that the surgical area is enlarged by nearly twenty times, so that the detailed study is based on micro-surgery principles. In this way, both the nasal tip cartilage structure, the nasal-back bone structure and the airway anatomy can be designed and made with precision. The best part of all this effort is to know that the person who has a healthy and beautiful nose proportional to his face reflects a confident and self-contained energy in his life-long gaze.

While Endoscopic Micro Rhinoplasty, incisions will be made inside of the patient nose. The nasal structure will not be revealed. Nonetheless, with the introduction of the endoscope, visualization is enhanced for the surgeon. Plus, post-operative stitches will stay inside the nose so unvisible. Lastly an external plastic splint will be positioned upon the nose.

Behind the success of the endoscopic micro-rhinoplasty technique lies with a great importance the surgical arm, AVSARM, designed from a scratch over a fifteen-year period by Yakup Avşar. Thanks to this system, every surgical step from the tip of the nose to the top of the nose can be tracked in micro details. Moreover, without cutting the nose or creating a scar! The nasal bones are not broken, the nose does not drop and the rate of revision surgeries decline enormously. Of course, since the midline septum part of the nose is fixed using endoscopic septo-raphy technique, it is not needed to put a tampon which results in a considerable relaxation after the operation along with a pain-free speedy recovery .

The purpose of endoscopic Micro rhinoplasty operation is to achieve facial harmony by changing the shape, size, or angle of the nose. This operation is also the perfect choice for breathing problems resulting from irregularities inside the nose. It provides detailed surgery under magnification of the system that is so important when designing the fine details.

Video Endoscopic Rhinoplasty can solve such as problems:

-Difficult cases of rhinoplasty
-Crooked Nose
Ethnic nose
-A bump on the nose
-The shape of the nose
-The size of the nose
-The angle of the nose
-The width of the nose

-Breathing problems—shape and breathing problems could be solved at the same operation


  • You must stop taking blood-thinning medicines for four weeks
  • You must stop smoking
  • You must limit sun exposure for one week
  • You shouldn’t eat and drink anything six hours before surgery


How long does a nasal endoscopy take?

The nasal endoscope takes a time about one to three minutes. Your surgeon will use a spray if necessary, in your nose, and check if there are any abnormalities.

Is nasal endoscopy painful?

We go to great extents to make the procedure as comfortable as feasible, and rarely is the process painful. We anesthetize the area before inserting the endoscope, and we also apply a nasal decongestant, which reduces swelling. These two measures enable the endoscope to pass easily through the nasal membranes.

What Happens When You Have a Camera up Your Nose?

A video endoscope is used to look at the inside of the nose and throat. Your surgeon passes a thin, flexible tube called an endoscope up your nose. At the end of the tube are a micro-camera and a light source, which lets the surgeon check the inside of the nose and plan your surgery.

What to Expect from Video Endoscopic Rhinoplasty?

A Video Endoscopic Rhinoplasty offers patients a shorter recovery time using the closed Avşar technique but offers better visualization by using an endoscope camera. The following is a brief guide for what to expect before, during, and after a Video Endoscopic Rhinoplasty.

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    Before Rhinoplasty After

Rhinoplasty Processes

During Video Endoscopic Rhinoplasty

  • General anesthesia in the hospital and in operating room.
  • Endoscopeis inserted in the nose for better visualization
  • Nose is reshaped, breathing is solved and nose refined
  • Stiches to close incisions inside the nose, No scar on the nose
  • External splint is placed over the nose

Right after Video Endoscopic Rhinoplasty

  • You might have swelling around nose, eyes, and cheeks
  • You might have bruising around the eyes

Two Weeks After Video Endoscopic Rhinoplasty

  • Almost all the swelling and bruising have lost
  • Do not blow the nose for fourteen days
  • Keep the interior of the nose moist with a nasal mist
  • A soft to regular diet as tolerated

Two Weeks After Video Endoscopic Rhinoplasty

  • Avoid strenuous exercise for six weeks
  • Avoid sun exposure for six weeks

Rhinoplasty Notes

Rhinoplasty Result Notes

  • Your new nose will be permanent
  • For the first months, you will see the result less and more but will be one year before you would see the final results

Rhinoplasty Recovery Notes

During an Endoscopic Micro Rhinoplasty, there is less trauma to the nose which means less recovery times. Most patients can get back to typical daily activities one week post-op and return to physical activities in 2 weeks. After removing the nasal plaster, less swelling or bruising is noted, and most leave little trace of having surgery completed.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for a Video Endoscopic Rhinoplasty has small nasal defects, more complex revision rhinoplasties, or breathing problems and wishes no visible scarring also has shape and nose problems.


Individuals for Whom Rhinoplasty Is Not Recommended

Endoscopic Micro Rhinoplasty is not recommended for people under the age of seventeen unless an adjustment is due to injury and breathing difficulties. However, the need for surgery must be evaluated individually.

Rhinoplasty Videos

Rhinoplasty Surgery in Turkey

• Micro incisions
• Better visualization on video endoscope for the nasal structures
• Better visualization of nasal shape by the monitor
• Much faster recovery times than traditional techniques
• Less post-operative swelling then open rhinoplasty
• Less trauma to the tissue for rapid healing
•Magnification near 20 folds using video endoscope for the nasal structures
•Better visualization of nasal anatomy on the monitor
• No visible scar on the nose

• Limited doctors with expertise; that’s why choosing the right surgeon is so important.

• Much more technically and technologically challenging

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Avşar Mask with 3D Printing Technology

Before rhinoplasty, while the person who wants to have a nose operation tells Dr Avşar what type of nose he/she would like to have, Avşar designs the nose which fits to his/her face the most at the same time. It is important to see the nose shape to be formed after the operation with the 3D mask, in other words the 3D Avsar Mask, both for Avşar to prepare for the operation and to make it easier for the patient to envisage the new nose. This is called pre-post-simulation in medicine and 3D printing technology was first used in that field by Yakup Avşar in the world. Now, this technique continues to be used as Avşar Mask all over the world. In this technique, the patient’s nose and face are scanned first, and then a 3D shape is created. The data obtained is shaved like a sculpture in the computer environment and the most appropriate nose shape is revealed for patient’s face.

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In this process, Yakup Avşar who also listened to his patient’s expectations certainly takes a printout in the form of a 3D mask and gives it to his patient for his/her review. The most important feature that distinguishes this technique from others is that the patient can experience the new nose closely before the surgery and experience it by touching. The patient is thus much more comfortable to decide on the surgery and afterwards, unfavorable situations are not encountered.

Dr. Avşar based in Istanbul Turkey and he does plastic surgery operations just in Turkey