Endoscopic Rhinoplasty

Video Endoscopic Rhinoplasty

It is always desired and eye-catching to have a proportional and aesthetic nose which enhances the beauty of our face and the depth of our gaze. Having such a figure can be reached through a combination of scientific rhinoplasty and a touch of art. Thanks to rhinoplasty, which blends the 3 dimensional anatomy of the nose with sculpting and engineering, this is anymore in everybody’s hand.

The feature that stands out the most about rhinoplasty is the use of the golden ratio law which lies behind the natural patterns of art and science. After all, our nose structure, which is functionally crucial both visually and respiratorily, is a key feature in the harmony of the golden ratio values ​​of the face. Do you think that when we look in the mirror, is it a beautiful nose structure, meaning in the eyes or both are indispensable parts of each other?

Keeping in mind that there is nothing like a perfectly healthy nose as it is a protruding part of our face and it can be easily affected by minor trauma. Rhinoplasty rises not only as an important tool in the search for beauty but also as an indispensable technique to provide a better breathing quality when using nasal aesthetics to treat such injuries.

The critical life functions that our facial organs perform may seem pretty obvious. Yet, when it comes to the nose, there is more than meets the eye. Our nose is the starting point of the oxygen circulation in our body. Therefore, it plays a critical role in protecting the lungs and the respiratory tract. Moreover, when we scrutinize intranasal structures, it is not difficult to understand that there is an enormous anatomical engineering and functional complexity included. Rhinoplasty, as a medical technique, increases this functionality and adds visual value to the nose structure.

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Endoscopic micro rhinoplasty in Turkey İstanbul Turkey technique applied by Dr. Avşar in rhinoplasty ensures that each stage is performed by seeing and monitoring. The secret is that the surgical area is enlarged by nearly twenty times, so that the detailed study is based on micro-surgery principles. In this way, both the nasal tip cartilage structure, the nasal-back bone structure and the airway anatomy can be designed and made with precision.

The best part of all this effort is to know that the person who has a healthy and beautiful nose proportional to his face reflects a confident and self-contained energy in his life-long gaze.

Having realized the importance of accuracy in such work , Dr. Yakup Avşar has become a global brand introducing an innovative approach in the field of nose surgeries. He has managed to thrive in developing an endoscopic arm with the name AVSARM, in addition to micro-cutting and micro-shaping tools and 3D mask techniques.

Purposes of Video Endoscopic Rhinoplasty

Endoscopic rhinoplasty can be a surgical and medical remedy to these:

  • Nose Bumps
  • Nose Size
  • Nose Angle
  • Nose Shape

Video Endoscopic Rhinoplasty Procedures


  • Exposure to the sun must also be limited or avoided two weeks before the surgery.
  • 3D Mask simulation will be prepared before operation.
  • You will get all necessary blood tests right before operation.
  • The patient must not eat or drink anything six hours to the surgical process.


    • Administer Anesthesia and sedative on the patient.
  • Incisions should be made on the nasal membrane to penetrate several parts of the nose.
  • For easier visualization, insert the endoscope.
  • Reshape and redefine the nose.
  • Apply stitches to close the cuts.
  • Cover the nose with bandage or cast.


  • Patients may experience swelling around the nose immediately after the surgery and may be present for two to three weeks after the treatment.
  • There may also be a facial bruise.
  • Avoid blowing your nose within two weeks after the surgery.
  • Use a nasal spray to keep the nostrils moisty always.
  • Watch your diet during this period.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight for almost six weeks.


  • Reshaping and facial harmony.
  • Correction of breathing irregularities.


Patients that are below the age of 18 are not eligible for the endoscopic rhinoplasty except there is a medical necessity because of serious injuries. Children have less emotional and physical ability to manage the process. The perfect patients are those who require nasal treatment without visible scars. Rhinoplasty is for nasal deformities, chronic sinus, or rhinoplasty review.


  • Small incisions with micro-cutting and micro-shaping tools.
  • Better visualization of nasal shape and structure with the use of an endoscope.
  • Speedy recovery.
  • Fewer swelling, scars, and traumas.


  • Fewer endoscopic rhinoplasty expert surgeons.
  • Procedural challenges.

Patients like to see their approximate ‘after surgery images’ before the operation, and there are software and devices to perform this imaging. Two and 3D simulation techniques on the screen provide a semblance of how you will appear.  However, 3D ‘before and after’ masks are the most recently invented and used for the first time in the world by Dr. Avsar.

3d mask simulation can be performed for other surgeries also, such as the nose, ear, eye, face, breast, or buttock.

3D Nose printing is a newer innovative pre-treatment procedure for endoscopic rhinoplasty. With this, the surgeon can visualize, draw out the desired nose shape for the patient. The patient can also envisage, experience, and review the nose shape before the surgical operation. This experience aims to guide their decisions before the surgery.

Endoscopic Rhinoplasty 3D Mask
Endoscopic Rhinoplasty 3D Mask

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What is Endoscopic Rhinoplasty?

Video endoscopic rhinoplasty method carried out by Dr. Yakup Avşar in rhinoplasty guarantees that every level is accomplished by seeing and monitoring. The key is that the surgical area is enlarged by 20 times, in order that the unique study is primarily based totally on micro-surgery principles. In this way, each the nasal tip cartilage shape, the nasal-back bone shape and the airway anatomy may be designed and made with precision.

Is endoscopic rhinoplasty a major surgery?

Endoscopic rhinoplasty technique is one of the major plastic surgery operation about nose. Combined with closed rhinoplasty, robotic arm, video endoscope and micro-surgical tools. Operation takes around two hours.

How long is recovery from endoscopic rhinoplasty?

You will stay one night in the hospital right after endoscopic rhinoplasty operation. There are no stitches or tampons There is less swelling, less pain and you recover quickly. After operation only five atels / splints are put on your nose, which will be removed five days after your operation. You should stay in Istanbul for seven-eight days in total.

How much does a normal nose job cost?

The price depending on the patient situation. If you had nose job before then your operation will be harder and need more practice. After a quick free online consultation, we can send your price for endoscopic nose job operation.