Clinical Applications

Laser Lipolysis Sculpsure

-Sculpsure is the first FDA cleared laser treatment to help you lose local fat in your body without surgery. 1064 wavelength laser selectively targets adipose tissue below the dermis and eliminates fat cells permanently.
-It can be used for inside the upper arms, inner thighs, abdomen, back, flanks.
-Palm sized 4 pads can be applied at the same time. There could be heat and cold sensation during the procedure.   No downtime is required; it is a painless, comfortable and safe procedure.

Scarlet S Radio Frequency

-Radiofrequency (RF) tightens the skin, treat acne and other scars and it is a non-surgical rejuvenation method which provides a lifting effect for the skin.
-With the support of PRP and salmon DNA, the skin is given a healthy glow and rejuvenated.
-An average of 3 sessions, with 3-4 weeks in between, are required.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Although a tattoo might be very meaningful at the moment it is done, it may disturb the person right after the procedure or as time passes by and the person may want to remove it. A tattoo may conventionally be removed by means of surgical intervention or using a specific laser system without leaving any scar. During a tattoo removal surgery, depending on the extension of the tattoo there can be one or several sessions to remove the tattoo and the wound is closed with stitches which allows scarring. With the dermabrasion technique the upper layer over the tattoo is peeled however this technique can lead to a bad scar and what is worse the tattoo may not be removed.

Our recommendation is to use MedLite C6 laser system for suitable patients and for patients who are not suitable for this technique, surgical procedures can be preferred. MedLite C6 laser system used for tattoo removal is a product from the fast and reliable Q-switched Nd-Yag laser device range known for their high success rate in dermatologic procedures. With MedLite C6 laser system, your tattoo can be removed regardless of the colour of your tattoo and without feeling pain, in one or several sessions lasting for 1-2 minutes up to 30 minutes depending on the depth of your tattoo.
MedLite C6 laser system removes not only black tattoos but also tattoos in other colours such as yellow, green, blue, red using 4 different laser wavelengths. Permanent makeup which is commonly used today can cause traumatic results when it is not applied correctly. MedLite C6 can remove permanent makeup from eyebrows without causing any damage to your original eyebrows.

Treatment of Scars


Treatment of Spots

Why Does Discoloration occur?
Discoloration, localized change in skin colour, occurs in pregnancy as mask of pregnancy which we call chloasma; as age spots on hands, back, chest, neck and face due to natural aging; as sun spots on face and décolletage after excessive tanning or burn; in underarms and around neck after applying deodorants and perfumes; due to uncontrolled exposure to the sun and chemicals; after laser hair removal or waxing; following incorrect tattoo removal procedures and during some systematic diseases (kidney diseases and diabetes etc.)

What can be done to prevent discoloration?
The priority in discoloration treatment shall always be intended to to prevent discoloration formation. Due to the fact that discoloration is caused especially by the sun and use of chemicals, the precautions for discoloration can be specified as follows: at every age starting from childhood, sunscreens with appropriate sun protection factors should be used. Sunscreens are not to be used only on holidays at beaches; they should be applied on skin even during snowy weather if necessary.
Skin burns should be prevented by avoiding extreme suntan under the sun or in tanning centres.
Incorrect use of some cosmetic products such as alcohol inclusive wet wipes, deodorants, body hair bleaching products, tanning products especially on the skin parts exposed to the sun can cause discoloration. Such products should be used with extra care.
Especially after waxing, laser hair removal, skin care, peeling and laser skin rejuvenation procedures on areas with sensitive skin such as face, armpits, groin area, the skin should be carefully protected from sun exposure, chemical and mechanical traumas (use of cosmetic products or peeling, massage etc.).
Acne scars and haphazard treatments done by unauthorized people or in person cause discoloration over time. Skin discoloration on face during pregnancy is caused by the interaction between hormonal changes and the sun; therefore sun protection should be used more frequently during pregnancy. Skin should be moisturized at every age and in every season and skin care applied regularly on sensitive skin such as face, décolletage and hands will prevent discoloration and rapid aging of these areas.

What are the steps of discoloration treatment?
Treatment plans should be made based on the reasons of discoloration and patients should be advised that discoloration treatment might take long.
Each discoloration case should be examined individually to decide whether it is benign or malign by an experienced physician. In case of a suspicious situation, biopsy should be conducted on the tissues. For malign discoloration I usually attempt to surgically remove it as early as possible and send the removed tissue for pathological examination. The method to be used to treat benign pigment discoloration is as following: First the cause of the discoloration should be investigated and the cause should be eliminated.
Then if there are any signs of disease which we call acute on the skin (burn, redness, itchiness, flaky skin etc), those signs are to be treated and then discoloration treatment can be induced.
And finally as the third stage necessary care and protection after the treatment should be provided.

What are included in discoloration treatment?
New advancements are introduced every day in pigment discoloration treatment. Instead of using chemical peeling and mechanical peeling processes such as micro-dermabrasions during skin care, I intend to treat discoloration using suitable laser treatments to achieve a successful result avoiding traumatization as much as possible.

Can we say that the ultimate solution for discoloration is laser treatment?
Absolutely YES. The correct laser type in the hands of an experienced surgeon can produce amazing results in suitable patients.

Can laser treat discoloration in one session?
This depends on how deep the pigment discoloration is. If discoloration is superficial one session of laser treatment can be sufficient whereas for deeper discoloration cases the number of sessions and the interval between sessions are determined after the treatment has started.

Which is the best season for discoloration treatment?
Since pigment discoloration is mainly caused by the sun, the ideal time for discoloration treatment is autumn and winter. Discoloration treatment induced in winter should be completed in spring and sun protection measures must be followed meticulously in summer.

Laser Hair Removal


Hydrafacial Skin Care

Q-Switched laser and HYDROPEEL clean your skin and stimulate the production of collagen. A session once a month is recommended for all skin types and for all ages to have a youthful looking, smooth skin.

Hydro Peel



Dermabrasion/surgical scraping is a cosmetic procedure to improve the skin by removing the top layer of the blemished skin. Acne scars from the adolescence period is a major problem for many people. Dermabrasion can be used to remove these scars. Basically, after the skin layer is removed, the skin is wounded or injured. A new, fresher and cleaner skin will grow during the healing process of this wound.

Since dermabrasion is a surgical procedure, it should be applied under an anaesthesia/sedation method preferred by the physician. Depending on the size of the dermabrasion area, local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia can be used. The anaesthesia method is a factor affecting the hospitalization period of the patient. While patients receiving local anaesthesia can be discharged on the same day, those that undergone general anaesthesia should stay in the hospital at least for one day. Healing process after a dermabrasion procedure is very important. This process can last for one week and the skin returns to its normal look after a couple of weeks.

Salmon DNA Treatment

-Salmon DNA with multivitamin treatment enhances the elasticity of the skin and promotes glowing and radiant skin with luminance.
-Salmon DNA is also used to help give more volume and health to the hair.

PRP Procedure

Enriched cells (platelet rich plasma) from the person’s own blood is used for skin rejuvenation. PRP method is combined with several medical procedures and also used after some surgical procedures.

Oxygen Skin Care Treatment

Live cells cultivated in laboratories are applied together with oxygen by spraying on the skin to achieve a younger, more vibrant and tighter skin. Can be done in any season. 6-8 treatment sessions in a year are recommended.

VelaShape III

-Supportive to diet and exercise, with FDA approved Velashape III system for cellulite reduction and locally toned and contoured body; depending on the person provides results that can be seen after 8-10 sessions.
-Each session lasts approximately 20-25 minutes. Velashape technology combines infrared light, bi-polar radio frequency energy, mechanical massage and vacuum. It is one of the most successful non-invasive methods for treatment of cellulite and circumferential reduction.

EMS with Pilates

After laser lipolysis, laser liposuction or liposuction surgery, or after non-invasive body sculpting procedures such as carboxytherapy and velashape, the EMS system makes the body stronger and medical Pilates help to improve the elasticity of the body and manual lymphatic drainage helps to remove toxins from the body. 2 times a week will help for a fit body and more defined lines.

Mesotherapy Vitamin Injection

Vitamins, essential elements and minerals are injected under the skin with micro-needles. 4-6 sessions can be performed every year. No swelling occurs on the face. The skin’s quality and vitality is enhanced.