Breast Asymmetry


Ideal breast is defined by being healthy, having both bosoms equal in size, in hormone with the height-weight-shoulder width of the person, symmetrical nipples facing outward, and with no sagging.

Without any indicated physiological reason, both breasts may not be equal for many women. Although the studies conducted show that it is natural, many women feel uncomfortable with it.

There may be a size difference between the breasts congenitally, due to the difference of the two breasts during postpartum breastfeeding, depending on the previous operations or traumas. Before evaluating the asymmetry between the breasts, the detailed story of the person, which is called anamnesis, is evaluated. Questions are asked such as when it is noticed, whether the ratio of asymmetry has changed, whether there is a change in the nipples, whether pregnancy-breastfeeding is present, whether there are breast diseases in the family.

Depending on the anamnesis and age of the person, required breast examinations can be performed and the procedures to be carried out are determined by evaluating the structure of the thorax and, if necessary, consulting the necessary departments.

Apart from the aesthetics, the difference in breast’s size after a certain level can causes a posture (position) deformity, that will cause neck and back pain.
But Thanks to the opportunities offered by the developed technology, successful results that had been achieved in asymmetric breast treatments with the surgical procedures that our doctors had performed frequently in the recent times, this asymmetrical breast problem can be easily solved.
Asymmetric breast treatments differ according to the person and the state of the breasts. Treatment options vary depending on the ideal breast size of the individual if one breast is large and the other breast is small. The ideal breast size is determined by the age, weight, chest width, sagging state of the breasts, and whether or not the person has given birth.

By taking the person’s request into consideration, the breasts are equalized to the ideal size or values close to it. If the bigger breast is in conformity with the ideal size but the other is small, the smaller breast is adjusted to the big breast size with the prosthesis, if the small breast is in conformity with the ideal size but the big breast is bigger than the standard size, the big breast is reduced to the small breast level,If both breasts are smaller than ideal size but asymmetric, larger breast is augmented with small volume prosthesis and smaller breast is augmented with large volume prosthesis,

If both breasts are larger than the ideal size but asymmetrical; the equalization procedure can be performed by removing more tissue from the larger breast, less tissue from the smaller breast.

While the symmetrized breasts regain inner peace and self-confidence that a healthy body lost, it also presents a beautiful posture and a good breast aesthetic.
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