When am i able to have a haircut or dye my hair?
3 weeks when the operation you'll be able to have a haircut and four weeks when you'll be able to dye your hair.

How long will it want recover when hair transplantation?
It takes most one year and depends on implementation of hair transplant procedure that is extremely vital throughout the healing method.

Should I keep within the hospital when hair transplantation?
No. you must simply have a rest and use medicines that your specialist provide.

What ought to I neutralise initial days?
Avoid alcohol for three days when procedure. Abstain from smoking for 2 weeks when procedure. Morning when procedure: take away band, shower and shampoo your scalp three times over the course of the day (morning, noon, and night) Remainder of week when procedure: Shower doubly daily. initial week after: Shampoo terribly gently

Night of your procedure and next few nights?
Sleep with head elevated. Place a towel beneath your head just in case the donor space oozes.

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